What is ONA's Purpose:


  • To Guide and educate naturists and the general public to an autonomous Association which shall not be subjugated by any other organization.


  • To promote optimum health through complete contact of the body with the natural agents of sun, earth, wind and water accompanied by a holistic approach to enlightened nutrition, physical, mental stimulation and social interaction in an environment kept as free as possible from the pollutants and stressful components of modern society.


  • To establish a greater understanding of the ecology and of our place, role and responsibilities of the human species within this ecology.


  • To share the enjoyment of naturist living with individuals and groups of like interest and together provide a united voice for the expression and extension of social naturism.


  • To assist sincere naturist groups in their acquisition of land and facilities for the practice of naturist living.



Our Contact Information:


Do you have a Question for ONA? Are you looking to increase your business through Naturist tourism? Are you creating a Naturist project? Or your simply want to know, how you can get involved in further supporting the Tradition of Clothing Optional Beaches in the Okanagan? 

​Drop us a message and one of our ONA liaisons will be glad to respond. 

Telephone:  +1 (250) 487-8078  


e-Mail: info@okanagannaturistassociation.ca

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