The Okanagan Naturist Association (ONA) was created in 2014 in response to two absentee land owners' attempts to evict naturists from the Three Mile beach area. Since then the ONA has played a key role in securing Three-Mile beach as a clothing optional area.

2014 - 2015

Absentee land owners attempt to evict naturists from the Three Mile beach area using corporate media, lawsuits, security staff,   and RCMP.


In response, a small group of naturists make an unsuccessful attempt to convince Penticton city council to make Three Mile officially clothing optional.

The ONA is then formed and ONA Directors lead the resistance by giving media interviews, establishing a website and social media presence, continuing to show up naked at the beach every day, and having the best tans in the Okanagan!



ONA President arrested for public nudity. However, the Attorney General chooses not to prosecute for public nudity at Three Mile and the RCMP stop responding to complaints of nudity. Peace, tolerance and naked folks begin returning to the beach.


An ONA Director makes submissions to the new City of Penticton Parks and Rec Master Plan which results in Three Mile beach being listed as Penticton's ''unofficial clothing-optional or “naturist” beach''. Improvements to Three Mile were also submitted and adopted in the long-term capital plan.

2018 - 2019

ONA signs an Adopt-a-Park agreement to assist the City of Penticton with maintenance and monitoring of both Three Mile beaches.


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  • Promotion of naturism events

We are a registered non-profit association with the city of Penticton - NO. LC20150000002.

Unfortunately, we are not a registered charity and cannot issue tax receipts.

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