Three Mile Beach

Spotted Lake, Osoyoos


Our mission is to promote naturism in the Okanagan. Naturism is the enjoyment and connection to nature without clothing.

We support healthy, family friendly social nudity. Our values include respectful, non-sexual nudity that is safe for families & is body positive - all shapes and sizes. 


The Okanagan Naturist Association is an Anishanabek First Nation's organization that includes people of all heritages and promotes naturism throughout the Okanagan valley.

Three Mile Clothing Optional Beach


Three Mile beach is located on the east side of Okanagan Lake a few kilometers north of Penticton, BC. It has been a naturist destination for decades. 

Who visits Three Mile beach?

We talk to a lot of naked people! We have found visitors to the beach come from many different countries: Spain, Germany, Brazil, Korea, Sweden, France, England, Mexico, USA and, of course, Canadians near and far.

People visit Three Mile and also explore Penticton's other attractions... tour the wineries; race dragon boats; visit car shows; go to Peachfest; search for Elvis; attend concerts and... many come just for Three Mile beach itself!


People have visited Three Mile clothing optional beach to get married naked; to have a family reunion; to chase their run-away pet from the nearby dog beach while blushing furiously; to celebrate Canada Day; and to cross an item off their bucket list!

We hope you will find a reason to join us soon!


Visit our Donations page to see the Okanagan Naturist Association's recent efforts to keep Three Mile clothing optional.

​Drive, cycle, walk or bus to Three Mile beach. Detailed information can be found on our Locations page.


ONA President Featured in

Okanagan Women Magazine

City of Penticton’s  Adopt-A-Park Program


Okanagan Naturist Association helps maintain 3-Mile beaches under the City of Penticton’s  Adopt-A-Park Program.

You can help during your visit by removing anything you may have brought with you, including drinking containers, cigarette butts...

Learn More About Naurism

Click image to read article

Code of Conduct


Help us make this an enjoyable day for everyone:

  • Restrict nudity to the beach

  • Please ask before taking pictures of people

  • Kindness first - perfect bodies are found only in the advertising industry

Parking Lot Petition

If you had no problem finding parking here, congratulations. Many have to wait for a spot or park illegally which comes with the risk of a $40 fine.

Public Nudity and the Law


The following is not legal advice...


Judges have been interpreting the 80 year old laws regarding public nudity / indecency and usually dismiss cases where the nudity is non-sexual.  Read more...


Note: bare female breasts are legal in any public space in B.C.

Children and Public Nudity

   Is Family Nudity Child Abuse?

Intro to the book, Growing Up Without Shame...

Nudists have long endured the rantings of "experts" who think that family nakedness encourages "incest, parental abuse, over stimulation, sexual obsession, school failures, sexual deviancy, exhibitionism, homo/bisexuality, etc." But Dennis Craig Smith was unwilling to accept these opinions as fact. He began a search for the truth ten years ago that led him to naturist camps and beaches to interview and survey adults who had grown up in nudist families. He found well-adjusted people who blatantly disprove the "experts" theories.

From the book, Growing Up Without Shame by Dennis Craig Smith with Dr. William Sparks. Click here to read a summary of the book.

Expanding the parking at 3-Mile is on the City of Penticton’s long-term capital plan. Moving it to the short-term plan would be aided by a show of support from all of us.

Please Join us at 3-Mile beach with or without clothing but be warned...

We have created an online petition asking the City of Penticton to expedite expansion of the 3-Mile parking lot. If you support this effort please add your name and read the details at

Or go to and search for us.

Nudity is contagious!

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